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   Top 10 Business Web Sites in Colorado

arrow.gif (2296 bytes)   Burt Automotive -
This Englewood mega-dealer uses Java
to advantage to help buyers research and
locate their next set of wheels.
arrow.gif (2296 bytes) EarthWatch Inc. -
A former purveyor of Cold War technology
now sells high resolution images for
commercial use.  Browse and buy here.
arrow.gif (2296 bytes) Energyworld -
Englewood consultants put up this huge
database of pricing info for the power indust-
ry.  If your elec. rates go down thank these
arrow.gif (2296 bytes) Internet Chamber of Commerce -
Something for everybody in the Internet
Universe, based here in Denver
arrow.gif (2296 bytes) J.D.Edwards & Co.
Newly redesigned, this site does what a
corporate site should.  It's long on useful info
and short on promotional blather. 
animarrow.gif (8092 bytes) On Sale Online -
Our vision: the Net as a channel for marketing
information, rather than for transactions.  We
have lined up big retailers. i.e. Kacey Fine
Furniture, Colorado Ski and Golf, and Robert
arrow.gif (2296 bytes) Pumpkin Masters -
The ultimate Halloween site from the carving
tools people, with everything except the
gooey stuff
arrow.gif (2296 bytes) Second Spin -
Denver-based Famous Video and CD's online
swap shop claims to add 2,000 used items a
arrow.gif (2296 bytes) Women in Technology -
Where are the women online? Shopping?
Reading UnderWired? Hardly, They're here
starting companies and coding HTML

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