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Elite Pro-1009W 57",16:9, Rear Projection $5,495.00
ELITE Pro-1009W:The possibilities are wide open with this wide-screen reference television. Its 16:9 aspect ratio gives TV broadcasts a whole new look and reproduces motion pictures as they were meant to be seen. The PRO-1009W delivers high-performance features such as three-dimensional comb filter, a fine-pitch screen, a dual tuner and a high-resolution Picture-In-Picture (PIP) display. Plus, it offers Pioneer's convenient Intelligent System Control (ISC), which lets you call up any system option with a single button on the remote. ISC is also specially configured to work with DSS satellite receivers.

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Elite Pro-119 60", 16:10.7, Rear Projection $5,195.00
ELITE Pro-119:The 60 inch PRO-119 draws you into the action with its larger, wider picture. Pioneer's innovative Cinema Wide System, with Full Cinema (Zoom) Mode, ensures the largest possible picture. So whether you're watching standard broadcasts or letterboxed movies, you always get the big picture. And thanks to a new lenticular screen design, the PRO-119 features improved picture resolution, increased contrast ratio and more natural, vibrant color reproduction. A high-resolution CRT (offered on all Elite PTVs) not only provides a sharper picture, it employs a Short Focus Lens System which reduces cabinet depth.

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Elite Pro-99 51", 16:10.7, Rear Projection $3,995.00

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ELITE Pro-99: Like the PRO-1009W and PRO-119, the 51 inch PRO-99 features a High-Resolution Optical Lens System. This system, which incorporates color purity lenses, delivers higher color accuracy, increased white reproduction accuracy and improved horizontal resolution. A new lenticular screen, a three-dimensional comb filter and triple dynamic focus combine to create remarkably precise images. Plus, the built-in dual tuner and high-resolution PIP display let you watch two programs at once. The Intelligent System Control lives up to its name by providing instant, one-touch remote control access to any system functions, including today's newer DSS satellite receivers.

Runco DTV852 HDTV, Front Projection $14,995.00
Sharp XV-S55U LCD, Front Projection $4,995.00

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