Nursery Furniture

Guys & Dolls has an extensive selection of furniture from the top manufacturers, such as:
Ragazzi, Childcraft, Simmons, Amisco, Dutailier, Playspace, Stanley, Lexington, Wall Beds and many more!


Ragazzi Furniture: Print this page and bring it in for big discounts! 50% off Crib with 30% off additional dresser pieces at regular retail prices.

With Ragazzi Furniture, you have the ability to change trim knob colors on all pieces. There are 11 color choices, so you can customize the furniture to your exact needs!

On some series, you can change top colors as well. That's versatility!

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Simmons natural finish and stained furniture is designed and constructed with Northern hardwood and case pieces with solid wood, and wood veneer tops, posts and all drawers with safety stops. Simmons case pieces also provide you with more useable drawer space than popular styles of other leading brands. Multiple sandings assure a smooth finish.

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Guaranteed Lowest Prices
in Town. Come in to see the huge selection!

Child Craft furniture is engineered and built to last from the moment you bring that beautiful baby home until after the "little know it all" leaves for college. We have a large variety of classic and contemporary designs suitable for any home decor. From cribs to bunk beds or from toy boxes to computer desks, Child Craft furniture decisions give you the peace of mind a parent needs. Why worry about furniture when Child Craft has already done all of the worrying for you?

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